Made to Sew Academy

Professional Sewing Support & Online Classes

What is the Made to Sew Academy? 

The Made to Sew Academy is a sewing community.
The main network is free to join; it is the gateway to our paid educational sewing content. Inside you can access Made to Sew online classes. 

Alternatively, join a group and get help and support on your individual sewing questions in live stream classes with Aneka. 

Take a look inside!

What online classes are available?

To view the list of existing online classes click HERE.
(Access to these classes is inside the Made to Sew Academy - sign up at the bottom of the page!)

What groups can I join?

 The main Made to Sew Academy network is free to join.
If you require help and support with your sewing project, you may wish to join a paid group and attend fortnightly live stream classes with Aneka.

Let's take a look at the differences between the groups.

All plans can be cancelled at ANY time. 

Do I join Pattern Help or Ask Aneka?

 This decision depends on the help you require. 

Pattern Help: This group is for students working on Made to Sew projects. Join Pattern Help for support using a Made to Sew pattern or online class.
Ask questions on fitting, learn pattern amendments; sewing tips, such as changes to the garment construction based on fabric choice. 

Ask Aneka: Ask questions on ANY aspect of sewing. Work with your personal block, or another brands sewing pattern. Get support on pattern drafting, fitting and sewing techniques. This group is suitable for business owners looking for extra support, or passionate hobbyist (from novice to competent) requiring support and guidance through their projects. 

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